Close Group Consulting


Financial Strategies in Capital Markets + Sustainable Investing

Consulting Areas


capital markets strategy development

CGC designs and implements front to back functional models for the investment industry based on best practices.  This also includes initiative/project development and implementation.  CGC also consults on the implementation of new investment mandates and strategies.

risk management

CGC evaluates risk management processes (including market risk, valuations and operational risk) and controls with a focus on industry practices and regulatory implications.

sustainable investing

CGC advises firms on how to implement a sustainable investing framework with an emphasis on alpha creation.  CGC also focuses on bridging the gap between the investment industry and the sustainable development industry.  Target clients include Asset Managers, Pension Funds, Corporations and Boards.

analytics and data management

CGC takes an industry practice viewpoint in the analysis (review and optimization) of data management practices and the development and implementation of scalable and relevant analytics requirements.

Business process review and optimization

CGC documents, reviews and analyzes capital market business processes with a focus on increasing efficiency and effectiveness, as well as ensuring scalability and agility.